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Bluetooth Fiat, Alfa Romeo - AUX IN
CODE: 25202
Manufacturer: ...
Bluetooth Fiat, Alfa Romeo - AUX IN

Bluetooth Fiat, Alfa Romeo - AUX IN * Technical data below


Connector allows you play songs from your external audio device
through selected OEM head units with cd changer function.

works with:
Alfa Romeo 159 2007-> models with Grundig SB05 head unit
Fiat Grande Punto 2007-> models with HGT1400 head unit
Lancia 2007->
Smart ForTwo 2007->

Connector is compatible only with
selected head units with active audio input.
Some of the head units may require to activate
cd changer audio signal through
computer service
in the authorised car service centre

Bluetooth Version: 4.2
Bluetooth protocol: A2DPV1.2,AVRCPV1.4 HSP1.2, GAVDP1.2 IOP
Current: <25mA
Power: CLASS2 4dbm
Sensitivity: -80dBm<0.1%BER
Frequency: 2.4GHz-2.480GHz
Audio performance: SBC Decode
Audio SNR: >=75dB

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