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ATC Fuse E37 T1 Auto Standard 3A
CODE: 84101
Manufacturer: GLOSO
ATC Fuse E37 T1 Auto Standard 3A
ATC Fuse E37 T1 Auto Standard 3A. ATC fuses are standard automotive fuses that provide effective protection of electrical circuits against overloads and short circuits. Thanks to their design and reliability, they are widely used in the automotive industry and various industrial and electronic applications. ATC fuses are easy to install and replace, making them an ideal choice for protecting a variety of electrical circuits. Product features • Standard Size: ATC fuses have compact dimensions that comply with international standards, allowing them to be easily integrated into existing systems. • Wide Current Range: Available in various current variants, which allows for precise adjustment to the needs of specific electrical circuits. • High Quality of Workmanship: Made of durable materials that ensure long service life and reliable operation. • Ease of Use: Simple installation and replacement without specialized tools make them easy to use, even for non-professional users.Technical specifications in the PDF file attached above.

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