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Mini ATM Fuse E72 T2 Modified Standard 15A
CODE: 86124
Manufacturer: GLOSO
Mini ATM Fuse E72 T2 Modified Standard 15A
Mini ATM Fuse E72 T2 Modified Standard 15A. Mini ATM fuses with modified reset are advanced protective components designed for modern electronic systems. With innovative modified reset technology, these fuses offer ease of use and reliability, ideal for automotive, industrial and consumer electronics applications. Main Features: • Modified Reset: Enables quick and efficient recovery without the need to replace a fuse, significantly reducing downtime and operational costs. • Compact Size: The miniature design of the mini ATM makes these fuses ideal for applications where space is limited. • Standard mini ATM: Fits standard mini ATM sockets for easy integration into existing systems. • Durability and Resistance: Made of high-quality materials, they ensure long service life and resistance to extreme operating conditions. • Safety: Effectively protect against overloads and short circuits, minimizing the risk of equipment damage. Application: Mini ATM fuses with modified reset are ideal for: • Passenger vehicles and trucks: Protecting electrical systems such as lighting, infotainment systems, and power systems. • Boats and yachts: Protection of electrical installations against overloads. • Caravans: Ensuring the safe operation of power systems. • Industrial equipment: Protection against overloads and short circuits in machines and electronic devices. Technical specifications in the PDF file attached above.

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