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BMW extension Quadlock(f) > Quadlock(m)/antenna 6.5m
CODE: 50225
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BMW extension Quadlock(f) > Quadlock(m)/antenna 6.5m
Extension harness to retrofit from an oem BMW Professional Navigation to a universal aftermarket radio. Allows you to relocate the connector from the original radio unit from the trunk of the car back into the dashboard where the aftermarket radio will be located. The complete pinning of the extension harness incl. the I-Bus and antenna remote wire makes it easy to retrofit the Radio unit by using the original steering wheel remote control functions (if OEM equipped). Important notice: Please always check which connector is installed into the car (Quadlock/17 Pin) before you place your order!!! Always disconnect all parts of the original Professional Naviagtion System. For example: CD-Changer / TV-Tuner / Handsfree-Interface Furthermore we recommend a batterie reset after you have completed the installation. Not compatible with the OEM BMW DSP Sound System !!! Vehicles: BMW 3er Limousine (E46/4): 2001 - 2005 BMW 3er Coupé (E46/2): 2001 - 2005 BMW 3er Touring (E46/3): 2001 - 2005 BMW 3er Cabrio (E46/2C): 2001 - 2005 BMW 3er Compact (E46/5): 2001 - 2005 BMW 3er M3 Coupé (E46/2S): 2001 - 2005 (For professional navigation 16:9, without DSP only) BMW 5er Limousine (E39): 2000-2004 BMW 5er Touring (E39): 2000-2004 BMW 5er M5 (E39): 2000-2004 BMW X5 (E53) : 2001-2006 (For professional navigation 16:9, without DSP only)

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