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adhesive spray glue 500ml
CODE: 85601
Manufacturer: Connects 2
adhesive spray glue 500ml
Universally applicable soft spray adhesive for permanent bonding Suitable for eg textiles, felt, rubber, wood, metal and especially foam Drys quickly, but still works long Very precise, easy to operate spraying mechanism. 500ml. Afhesive glue is an extremely sticky spray adhesive for professional car hi-fi installations. In this way, the bonding of substances is also possible without dents or sacks. One can be enough for 2-3m² depending on the substrate. Features at a glance Spray is universal and can be used for permanent bonding Suitable for textiles, felt, wood, foams, artificial leather, paper, rubber plastics, fabric, leather, carpet, wood, glass and polystyrene Drys quickly, but still works long Very precise, easy-to-use spraying mechanism: can also be used without masking / protective measures Not suitable for PVC / plastic materials and temperatures above 50 ° C Filling capacity: 500ml application The material to be bonded must be dry, clean and free of grease Shake the can vigorously before use Spray both adhesive surfaces evenly from approx. 25cm After 5 min (at room temperature) to 15 min (at 10-15 ° C), dry the adhesive surface

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