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Tilting DIN pocket (188x51x133 mm.) + 5W wireless charger
CODE: 41401
Manufacturer: MADE IN EU
Tilting DIN pocket (188x51x133 mm.) + 5W wireless charger
Tilting DIN pocket (188x51x133 mm.) + 5W wireless charger. Technical specification below.

WPC 1.2.3 technical standard
Application range Wireless charger in the Ql standard
Number of turns 3 turns
Type of charge Electromagnetic induction
One-to-one charging style in active area
Charging active area L * W = 77 * 36mm
Charging distance 3-10mm The distances between RX coil and TX coil
Charging temperature <45 ° C
Working frequency 110KHZ ~ 205KHZ
Power consumption 12 V / 1.0 A.
Output power Automatically adjusts the output power based on the battery power and up to a maximum of 5 watts
Conversion factor 75% Average value of the output power
Surge Protection - Surge protection for 20V.
Over-discharge protection. Overcurrent protection for 1.2A
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